dinsdag 13 november 2012


This grave at the New Easter cemetery in Amsterdam looked a bit neglected.
The only thing I could see was a little sign of a book with the text "A life, a story".
No names, no dates. The administrator of the cemetery apparently had no information about the relatives and has put a sign on the grave with the request to contact him.
It is a very old cemetery and when relatives don't pay anymore every 10 years, a grave will be cleared out.
I hadn't noticed the Taphophile Tragics site had stopped last week, but I post this anyway.

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  1. What does "will be cleared out" mean? Sounds pretty final and dire!

  2. In the U.S. The usual,practice is to purchase a grave site.There isn't any continuing maintence fee.. Are you saying the body will be exhumed and moved elsewhere?

  3. Kate, Janey,
    There are two optioms for a grave, a family grave or a general grave. The last one can be used for 10 years and can't be continued. The grave will be removed and the bones are laid to rest in a general field with others without names.
    A family grave has to be paid for every 10 years by relatives.

  4. The administrator of that cemetary is a persona with a good heart. Respect for dead people.



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  5. I see you answered the question in my mind too..."cleared out". I was wondering if that meant the whole enchilada and it does. That is so different from here in the States. Hmmm...I'll be thinking about this one for awhile. I like the heart shaped headstone. Have not seen one before.

  6. Thanks Marianne for the explanation. Your small country is densely populated..so I guess this is necessary. I suppose cremation might be the answer,although some cultures don't believe in it.

    I learn so many things blogging...thanks :)

  7. Yes, thank you for the explanation. Makes me believe that cremation makes much greater sense!

  8. yes, i think its really sad that already after 10 years your grave can be removed, whats the use of it then?!

    and im sad taphophile tragics has stopped.. :(