woensdag 28 november 2012


Although the Taphophile Tragics site about cemeteries and graves has closed I post this grave anyway, insprired by fellow blogger CaT of picture/day,  because I like the nice sculpture on it. It is a grave for an Amsterdam actress Carolina te Mijtelaar-Grader who died in 1914. In 1933 friends who adored her, decided to make this beautiful tribute to her with the stone and the sculpture of the woman.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I see the one behind it, two freestanding hearts. Unusual for a headstone. Looks like the entire cemetary has some original thinking pieces in it.

  2. nice one!
    yes, i immediately reminded me of the sculpture i showed, and then i read your text... :))

  3. i think that we can still post these gravesites; I'd like to see more because of the history and artwork.