donderdag 24 januari 2013

Tulips from Amsterdam

Last Saturday the tulip season started with an exhibition in the open air at Dam square in Amsterdam. Not such a great idea with temperatures below zero. The organisation was not able to find another location so they decided to put heaters between the flowers which didn't have much effect.

The public is allowed to pick 21 tulips for free but they looked miserable because of the cold.

But tell somebody it is for free and they will pick it anyway no matter how it looks like. Within three hours all the tulips had gone.

This woman is happy with her gain and gave me a smile.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. What, no snow in Amsterdam?

    Funny how people will go for free things. What will they do with drooping tulips?

  2. They would probably wilt quite quickly, however, if laid out on a flat or opal basket, they would still make a lovely centerpiece; still, in that cold, the lovely tulips would die quickly. Sad it had to be so cold, and that first photo is quite lovely. I guess, if its free the lady in the last photo looks quite happy. Have a wonderful day.

  3. It seems so early but is a welcome sight!

  4. oh, this is so funny. poor tulips.
    i would love 21 tulips... here they are so expensive! cannot remember when i bought flowers last (probably in the netherlands for my mom).

  5. They do look bit sad Marianne, perhaps with a bit of TLC and warmth they might revive themselves c'est possible?

  6. ongelooflijk dat ze de mensen er zo maar bloemen laten uitpikken, tulpen en Amsterdam gaan hand in hand.
    voor mij luiden de tulpen het begin van het einde van de winter in !
    een beetje voorbarig, maat toch!

  7. Yes people really go for free stuff. I'd be there too for tulips and I'd have a smile too. Too bad it was so cold.

  8. Oh, my goodness; I hooe that they were all sold and taken home to some loving care. The seem a bit droopy!

  9. Onvoorstelbaar tulpen in het hartje van de winter. Nooit verwacht.