donderdag 28 februari 2013

History of Amsterdam

In 1613, four hundred years ago this year, Amsterdam city council decided to build the canal ring. This ambitious expansion was a direct consequence of the city's turbulent growth. From the late sixteenth century onwards, Amsterdam developed into an international commercial metroplolis that surpassed most other European cities in population. It attracted people from all over the world. Amsterdam was truly booming.

The Amsterdam City Archive has an interesting exhibition about this expension with original maps, architectural plans and cityscapes to tell the story of an unique period in the Golden Age, the era in which the city acquired the half-moon shape for which it has become famous.

The Blue Bridge.
Around 1585 Amsterdam had a population of 30.000. A hundred years later, that figure had increased by a factor of more than six, to over 200.000. In the Golden Age hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Amsterdam in search of work. 

A big fire spread to some fifty houses and tanneries after lighting struck on July 27th 1679.

Old handwritings from 1613.

Some pottery  from the 17th century found in the grounds of Amsterdam.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. What an interesting place and objects of ancient!

  2. The books must be so interesting to look through, especially the handwriting.
    So interesting to see how things once were!

  3. It sure is an old city twice as old as Australia. Fire certainly was a hazard in those days.

  4. Very amazing to see old photographs that depict early life in Amsterdam city. 400 years is quite a celebration. I did not know the city had acquired a half moon shape and it is amazing how fast population grows with people flocking into the city to find work. It amazes me still to think of millions and millions of people living in cities, when here in our area it would be thousands.
    The pottery is very interesting, the designs and shapes - I enjoyed this very much.

  5. Interesting in that while Amsterdam is booming, most of America was an unexplored wilderness frontier. We're so young.

  6. So interesting Marianne, when I think of how scary big fires are even these days (we had a huge one this afternoon not so far from where I live)in those days it would have been horrifying.

  7. The figure that caught my eye was 30000. It looks like Amsterdam has continued with good planning.

  8. My first thought also was how big Amsterdam was so long ago! Beautiful drawings, amazing what people come up with to solve problems, history is so fascinating.