dinsdag 5 februari 2013

Out of balance

Amsterdam is built 800 years ago on a dried river mouth with a swampy bottom. The houses needed a deep foundation with wooden piles to prevent them from sinking. Some of the old piles are not in a very well condition anymore and the houses are leaning aside. They are not neglacted however, the city construction and housing supervisors keep an eye at the condition of the houses and sometimes they need to sustained.
These two at the corner are a bit out of balance so to see, but there has never a canal house fallen down before so I think it is all right the way it is.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I can only imagine trying to use the straighten option on my photo site...Ha!
    I think it would be sort of an off balance feeling living in the house too. I admire The Netherlands for saving this wonderful old homes.

  2. You provided some information that I had not known...thank you. I wonder how living in a tipsy home feels? Don't think I'd like it!

  3. The sloping street and tilted buildings really puts things out of whack. I'd be a bit uncomfortable living in a crooked multi-story building. Show us more.

  4. It must be a little creepy and creaky to live in a leaning house.
    The pilings we put in the Arctic in 1956 have mostly ratted and have to be replaced.

  5. So it's a bit like 'the leaning houses of Amsterdam' hey Marianne, little bit unnerving oui!