woensdag 17 april 2013

Just 13 days

Just 13 days to go to the inauguration of King Willen-Alexander. The abdication of Queen Beatrix will take place in the Palace left and then the new King will walk to the New Church to the right where he will sworn in. There will not be a crowning, the only European Royal House that does so is the British.

I had no clue what the banners were, but when I zoomed in I noticed that it said "Inaugurated, the Orange family in the New Church of Amsterdam" with the silhouettes of all the Kings and Queens to the left.
There are not much decorations to see in town yet.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I am sure as the day draws closer, there will be numerous decorations, including people dressed appropriately to celebrate in "House of Orange" colours. I am getting excited too, as I know we will have coverage from you. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Ja het komt steeds dichter bij. Spannend. In Engeland wordt ook gekroond. Ik kan me nog herinneren dat Koningin Elisabeth werd gekroond. Was toen nog een heel jong meisje. Heb toen uren voor de etalage van de radio TV winkel gestaan om te kijken. TV was er toen nog bijna niet.
    Fijne avond nog!

  3. Simple! Great! I think your monarchs are more in touch with the people

  4. I am sure the town will be covered in orange very soon. It will be interesting to see what happens. I am sure it will be covered in the news in Britain.

  5. Beste Biebkriebels,
    Vond je comment bij French girl in Seatle en dacht meteen; dit moet een nederlandse zijn. Gráppig! Je staat nu op mijn side line. Leuk om nog zo het een en ander over het oude Vaderland te lezen!
    Jullie gaan een feestelijke tijd tegemoet.

  6. A very historic event coming up Marianne..I wonder if it will make the Queen of England do a bit of thinking!