donderdag 25 april 2013


Amsterdam is making preparations for the inauguration of April 30th. The National Memorial Monument at Dam square is cleaned.

Some buildings have a red, white, blue and orange decoration, the colours of our flag and the Royal Family of Orange.

Maybe I was to early but I was a bit disappointed by all this. I had expected a week before the event to see more creativity.

The bells of the Palace were ringing, which I had never heard before. I even didn't know there were bells up there. I think they will ring after the inauguration of the King.

 At least the shops have made appropriate royal shopwindows.

I don't think I will ever wear orange shoes.

As long it is orange, even a bookshop is ready for the event.

But eventually I passed this theater which understands how to decorate.
I will go back another time to see if there is more to see.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Looking good. What an exciting time to be in Amsterdam!

  2. Je eindigde toch met een pracht foto. Wie weet komt er nog meer tevoorschijn...
    Fijne dag(en) en liefs,

  3. You know, the real excitement shows in your posts. I am beginning to feel the excitement as decorations appear more and more. I am so going to enjoy a personal view from your blog during the event. This is just wonderful. I love the last photo at the theater. Truly lovely.

  4. oooh, exciting! are you going to amsterdam during the big day?
    (i saw part of the interview and thought it was a bit boring! or did i mention that already?)

  5. Ja dat ziet er nog niet zo feestelijk uit maar we hebben nog een paar dagen....
    Alles wordt wel schoongemaakt en de straten allemaal in orde las ik.
    Fijn weekend!

  6. I bet there will be Marianne, it's such an auspicious occasion oui! Looking forward to seeing all about it.

  7. It's too bad the bells aren't rung. I like bells better than traffic noise.

  8. Het is ongelooflijk wat ze allemaal doen. Heb je gehoord dat de mensen die daar wonen niet eens op hun balkon mogen en geen ramen mogen openen.


  9. 't begint er toch een beetje feestelijk uit te zien.

    Fijne vrijdag, Marianne.

  10. What a wonderful party to be witnessing