donderdag 20 juni 2013

The Devils' House

Besides the fashion,  Arnhem has a pretty old centre with beautiful restored buildings. This is the "Devils' House" so named  after the many small sculptures of devils that brighten up the facades. It dates from the 15th century and was owned by "Maarten van Rossum", a warlord in the service of the duke of Gelre. He was a cruel man who had no ethical problems when it came to massmurder, raping and pillaging.

But not unsual for the age of the Renaissance, he was also a man with an outstanding taste. This palace he had built for himself, is one of the earliest examples of Renaissance architecture in the Netherlands.

Here you can see the devils a bit closer. The basement of this building served as temporary prison for caputered British parachutists during "Operation Market Garden" in September 1944. A German MG team was also positioned here. Today there are still bullet holes in the building.
The movie "A Bridge too Far" was based on this dramatic history, also remembered as the "Battle of Arnhem".

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja, Arnhem neemt een hyperbelangrijke plaats in in de geschiedenis der Nederlanden
    het gebouw is interessant en je uitleg maakt het nog meer zo

  2. You present us with such great historical facts and photos. I just so enjoy everything you virtually bring to us. Have a wonderful day.

  3. That building has a lot of history going for it although none of it seems good history.

  4. It really is such a contradiction, that horrible, evil people do seem to like to live in beautiful surroundings. Somehow it seems appropriate that it was used for a prison..what about now Marianne, I hope it's used for much pleasanter things :)

    1. It is part of the townhal now and used for mariages.

  5. Het is maar goed dat we niet meer in de 15e eeuw leven..
    Mooie foto's.

  6. History has some amazing details for us. So a very bad guy left us with some interesting things.

  7. Dearest Marianne,
    Sad, knowing that warlord Maarten van Rossum could build such a statuesque Dutch renaissance building off the money of others he robbed and probably murdered. But it sure is a landmark building!
    Hugs to you,

  8. What an interesting story. It is possible to appreciate the building without supporting its creator.

  9. A beautifully restored building but the owner did sound a bit of a devil. What is the building used for now.

  10. Yes I forgot to tell, it is a part of the townhall now and used for ceremonies like marriages.

  11. I's a beautiful building...but I am not sure I would want to get married there!