donderdag 11 juli 2013


The Vondelpark is one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam. In summer it is very green and many  people enjoy it to cycle, to run or relax on the lawns or just to walk as we did. These trees are "Vleugelnoot"  trees (wing-nut?) can't find the english translation.

A stork couple with two youngsters.

A rock in the pond with Nile Goose? I am not sure, you see them everwhere here nowadays. They used to live in Egypt but like it here very much and don't go back anymore.

The rose garden.

 One of the many ponds with a fountain.
Hubby sccollections made some other pictures of the parc and me with a beer.

When we had just passed under this tree on our way to leave the park, we heard a loud crack behind us.

Look at this thick branche which came down out of the blue and felt to pieces,  almost upon our heads! We had a little gardian angel on our shoulder I suppose.

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  1. This is a fantastic place for me to explore. Please send me airfare. :-)

  2. Oh heerlijk Vondelpark, daar waren wij vroeger vaak. De ganzen zijn inderdaad Nijlganzen en die zie je tegenwoordig overal. Er komen er zoveel bij dat ze lastig worden. Wat je zei op mijn blog over Volendam dat heb ik gemerkt. We waren er wat jaartjes geleden en nu heb ik me lopen afvragen wat ik gemist had. Ik zag niet echt veel leuke huisjes .Heb dus practisch geen foto's ook. Marken was veel mooier . Was er nog nooit geweest terwijl we toch vaak zeilden op het IJsselmeer.Het dorpje was groen en vol met bloemen in iedere tuin.

  3. Always interesting to see two takes on the same visit. It looks just glorious.

  4. Well that was a close call! I enjoyed the pictures...and I bet you enjoyed the walk and the beer!

  5. ow. thats scary!
    the first photo is exactly what i saw when we biked there on sunday! wanted to take that picture but was too lazy to get off my bike (and it was a mens bike, so too difficult...). funny!

    1. Yes, the light fell so beautiful through the trees. I used to live there in the neigbourhood when I was young and took the park for granted to cycle through to a friend or so. But now I look with different eyes and see the beauty of it. A mens bike, oh boy, I never managed to do that. I was there tuesday, I wonder if I would have regognized you....

  6. Someone was looking after you there. it looks like a popular park on a summer's day.

  7. Looks like a wonderful place, falling limbs aside.

  8. Inderdaad een engeltje op jullie schouders!

  9. Beautiful park, I loved the nest photo.

  10. You have a very beautiful park and it looks like it's well used. You were extremely lucky to be away for the tree when the branch broke off.

  11. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely trees and the Dutch 'vleugelnoot' is simply wing-nut in English. Guess these are the Japanese variety, looking at their leaves. You can read more here:
    What a lovely park it is and with a stork's nest on a pole and Egyptian geese. That's funny that they don't go back anymore. That is telling that over the years, birds too adapt to different climates.
    Lovely rose garden too. You see, your climate is not that hot but it yields so much green beauty!

  12. A lovely summery park. You sure were lucky with the falling branch.

  13. What a splendid place to visit! Your photos give me a good idea on what it's like.

  14. There's nothing like a little bit of excitement to end a lovely walk Marianne :) Simply gorgeous park, the trees are too wonderful.