zaterdag 17 augustus 2013


The "Flamsbanen" is a breathtaking railway journey from Flam to Myrdal. It is only 20 km long with a difference in height of 864 meters. It passes twenty tunnels and nine stops.

One of the stops was the impressive waterfall "Kjofossen".

 They made quite a spectacle of it with music playing and a lady coming from behind a rock singing and dancing, a kind of Kate Bush look-a-like. All for the tourists ha,ha.

Then we embarked for another cruise now in the Naeroyfjord. This boat was rather crowed and people were feeding the seagulls which were flying with us. I prefered the Hurtigruten which was a much more quiet cruise.

But the views were stunning.

Our hotel was on top of a mountain in Stalheim.

And it is famous for its view, here at sunset.

Next to the hotel was a private open-air-Museum with old barns built on little "legs" to prevent the rats and mouses to climb to the goods.
I hope you don't get bored of all the boats and mountains, tomorrow my last post about Norway.

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  1. Wat leuk dat jullie dat treintje hebben genomen. Wij zagen er net een weg rijden en de eerste drie waren al volgeboekt dus moesten we dat overslaan. Als ik dit allemaal zie is het wel heel jammer.

  2. What a impressive journey. So much beauty in such a short distance!! Must be a photographers Paradise!

  3. Fabulous scenery. The hotel perched on the mountain looks a great place to stay. The waterfall is really full on raging.

  4. This to me would be a journey I would forever remember - I especially love the waterfall and the lady dancing and what looks like part of an olde building. I love the view from the top of your hotel and the way the sun is shining in the valley. Great photos Marianne :)

  5. Prachtig hoor! Een vakantie met zulke foto's weer terugkijken is nog een keer genieten.

  6. A beautiful and spectacular journey.

  7. I tried to imagine someone standing there long ago saying "That looks like a good spot, let's build a hotel there." I would not have been that someone though. Worry not, I'll never get bored looking at these pictures. Keep them coming.

  8. These pictures were stunning Marianne!

  9. oooh, so very pretty!
    but the kate bush thing sounds a little weird indeed... if its only for the tourists its sometimes sooooo weird and actually stupid...

  10. Norway is far more beautiful than I realized. Your pictures and descriptions would not get boring.

  11. Dearest Marianne,
    No such images and informative stories never ever get boring!
    What a lovely scenery again and those authentic log houses on a kind of mini stilts are very interesting. But I don't believe it was for deterring rodents but merely to sit 'dry' above the snow and also a bit more elevated for entering the door when the snow would pile up very high.

  12. Hello - I saw you inside by Marleen.
    Great pictures you show - love nature pictures. Wish you a good Sunday :) Hanne Bente

  13. These are amazing views. I could never get bored looking at this!