woensdag 21 augustus 2013


Yesterday we went with the tourists flow to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The famous" Nightwatch" of Rembrandt is almost impossible to watch without people in front of you. We had seen these paintings already long ago and moved on to other parts of  museum to watch objects of our national history.

An armour of the knights from the Middle Ages.

A tea set to take with you on travels. I wondered what happens when you close the box, would the china survive it? 

A beautiful engraved drink glass with a portrait.

There was even some fashion, I didn't remember the museum ever had.

But most touching were these hats found in 1980 on the skeletons of  members of the crew of a dutch ship from the 16th century. They tried to find the North East passage to the Indies. However due to the sea ice, they stranded on the island of Nova Zembla and had to spend the winter in the "Safe House". Many didn't survive, they were not prepared to suffer the cold and as you see the thin wool hats, it breaks your heart.
In 1980 an archeologic expedition of the museum went to the "Safe House" where they found these well preserved hats at the skeletons.

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  1. An interesting view of how things were

  2. What a treat it must have been to see all those objects. The china traveling suitcase looks like the pieces would survive if packed properly. Absolutely adore the light in the Rembrandt painting. The preservation of the hats is quite amazing.

  3. I see what you mean about the hats,and it's amazing how fabric lasts for centuries.
    Thanks for sharing your Norwegian journey - the landscape and photos are beautiful.


  4. Hmm. The hats survived but the people didn't. "The grass withers, the flowers fade . . ."

  5. This was a great post and I like that "shining knight" - WOW - a real suit of armour and in pristine shape. Pretty neat that the hats survived and I think the china was buffeted so well with the "satin" lining that nothing would break. Enjoyed very much.

  6. Love this post ....Wish I could have seen the Rijks when I was there. I sure would like to have that tea set!

  7. The workmanship in the suit of armor is amazing considering it was done in the middle ages. The hat story was interesting.

  8. The newly refurbished Rijksmuseum made an appearance on the telly here a few months ago, it certainly does look good. I was there a couple of years ago when they had a limited display but I did get to see The night Watch with a somewhat smaller crowd. Must try and get back sometime to see the full version of the museum. When you live locally, there's little point in competeing with the tourist to see something that will still be on display in the winter.

  9. Het is al heel lang geleden dat ik er was. Helemaal vernieuwd zal het zeker prachtig zijn. Ik heb nog twee vrijkaarten, die moeten we gauw maar eens gebruiken.Die glazen en het theeserviesje, prachtig.

  10. thanks for the tour, I have not made it since they have re-opened it...

  11. Dearest Marianne,
    What a treat always to visit the Rijksmuseum! One always discovers something historical that we can learn about.
    How tragic for that ship's crew after they hit an iceberg in those cold northern seas... It makes us shiver by looking at their thin hats.
    Guess that tea china will get cushioned fine and cannot move that way. As long as pieces don't touch each other they're fine.
    How beautiful the engraving on the crystal stemware! Like painters that do a portrait, this is etched into crystal creating a portrait.
    We can only admire such skill!

  12. Ja, daar willen we ook nog heen. Heel bijzonder die mutsjes en hun verhaal.

  13. Very special these hats. I surely remember the nacht wacht Rembrandts most popular work

  14. i have to go here!
    as soon i will get the museumcard from my parents... :D