dinsdag 3 september 2013

Lille (2)

All those thousends visitors of the Brocante in Lille wanted to eat something, so there were many terraces with benches to sit down to tables.

The main menu is mussels with french fries and this is what remains, a huge mountain of mussel shells outside the restaurant.

There was some entertainment too, here from Indians making music.

I tried to look up so now and then because Lille has some beautiful buildings in the inner city, as here the  "Vielle Bourse" (old stock exchange) at the Grand Place.

With a great courtyard where you could buy all kind of books and big plastified photos. I bought two of them one of a Paris cafe and the other one of some famous actors sitting in a bar, a very funny one.

The Opera building at the Place du Theatre.

The Porte de Paris one of the town-gates of Lille.

On our way to the bus we passed this huge choice of beer glasses.

The end of the day everybody walks home with full bags in the floodlight of the sunset.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. My goodness! Those crowds are enormous. I wouldn't mind being among them, but my husband would flatly refuse.

  2. I would go with you Kate....Great shots Marianne
    Maybe I would take my own lunch and a blanket to sit on! :)

  3. I would go with you two as well :)
    It is amazing the amount of stuff that gets sold and resold...

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    Glad you showed those precious architectural buildings from beautiful Lille!
    They organized quite some benches for having people sit at table for a meal. And that mount of mussel shells; they will get removed later I guess as they might become quite smelly.
    Someone had a lot of courage for laying out that many beer glasses!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Super post Marianne, I love to see new and interesting places without having to get aboard an airplane :))Goodness me a lot of mussels get eaten there, Aimee would love it! Yes we are officially out of winter now and into spring, although it's been raining heavily all day today..that's spring for you I guess :)

  6. What huge crowds and no wonder when there is so much to see, do and buy.

  7. Wat is daar ontzettend veel leuks te zien!

  8. Dat is een echte berg mosselen. Iets anders dan de normale portie van 1 kg.


  9. Looks like a good place to visit but I'd prefer it to be less crowded.

  10. nice shots and rare and interesting events...
    thanks for sharing...

  11. What beautiful Architecture on the buildings. That is one huge pile of mussel shells - do they grind them for any kind of use or is it just garbage? Love the colourful crowds and sure would be fun to wander among the crowds and see everything.

  12. the last photo is so beautiful!! and all those beer glasses... wow...!