zondag 15 september 2013


This is one of the runners of the Triathlon Challenge in Almere yesterday. A Triathlon is a multiple-stage competition, involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. In this case it was 4 km swimming in open water,  180 km cycling and  42 km running a marathon. The start was at 7.30 AM.and I made this photo at 4 o'clock PM,  this man had almost reached the finish. The weather was terrible, heavy rains and winds so there were many who had given up.

 In the back you can see the finish gate, but this man had still to run another round. He is checking his time, you can see the time at the gate 8.16.02, the winner finished in 8.36. Can you imagine doing all this in one day?

When driving home, there were still people running until late in the evening.

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  1. There was a triathlon near us this summer down in St. Andrews - it was a fun time and exciting event - we went as spectators, however we knew several people that were participating. It was much fun to cheer for our friends as they crossed the finish line. A long day and most rewarding - and most rewarding to cross the finish line - not about winning, but finishing. We were lucky to have good weather. Looks very cold there. Great photos too.

  2. Triathlon, een onmenselijk zware sport. Prachtig om te zien maar oh oh wat zwaar.
    Fijne Zondag nog.

  3. This activity must take many hours of training. Hats off to all of them!

  4. I've done short ones, never the biggy like this. Despised the swim. I was always one of the last to drag myself out of the water. Played catch-up with the next two disciplines. I couldn't do one now to save my life unless it is the bathtub, ride the easy chair and run to the refrigerator.

  5. Dearest Marianne,
    That was the typical weather for 'Frog' land... Too bad for all that participated!
    Hugs and happy Sunday evening,

  6. Triathlons are unbelievable. I admire the people who get in shape and can actually do a triathlon. It does look like very dismal weather..

  7. my goodness. just crazy. perhaps i could do the swimming... and then i would be tired.. :) just thinking about it makes me tired!! and then the awful weather....

    ah, ik heb trouwens eindelijk contact gehad met het fietsdepot. ze hadden mijn fiets niet... :((( buuuhhh. maar bedankt voor de tip!!