dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

The aftermath of the storm

During the storm yesterday the firebrigade arrived with a chain saw to cut down a tree which threatened to fall down like the other one in yesterdays post.

And here the top comes down. I was making photos with the company of our two local professional press phothographers, so it will maybe be seen in our local paper soon.

When the storm finally calmed down we went outside and saw a lot of damage in our neigbourhood, many trees had come down.

Normally we have storms in November but this was an early one and all the trees still had their leaves so they couldn't keep their balance against the strong winds.
The center of Amsterdam had also a lot ot trees coming down along the canals and unfortunately a woman died when a tree fell upon her.  Watch this blog  http://schlijper.nl/131028-00-storm-amsterdam.photo with a little movie of the damage in Amsterdam .

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  1. ah that is awful. Makes sense that they wouldn't have toppled if their limbs were bare.
    If my mom saw these photos (she is a tree lover) she would call out in pain. A sad sight!!

  2. So sad that a tree fell on someone and thankfully not more damage. Your photos tell the story well Marianne and now I shall go watch the blog movie you inserted in this post. Glad to hear you are safe and well.

  3. I saw it Marianne, on the world news ..I couldn't believe how strong the winds were, actually blowing people off their feet..must have been very frightening. I hope you and s.c. stayed indoors!

  4. Thank you for the video. The young lady with the bicycle and the other with her luggage both nearly went down. Interesting at the end the straps holding the tree up from falling. There were a lot more trees down than I imagined. Here in the States they have tree companies come out to remove fallen trees. I've not seen the fire department do so unless under an emergency situation.

  5. Your storm made the news over here, and we were told the airport had to close like Heathrow did, It must have been awful. It is always sad to see trees blown over.

  6. This storm would have been very terrifying. You would see trees falling and then wonder what might happen next. I'm glad your okay and that very few of your people were killed or injured.

  7. Beste Marianne,
    Ja, of er nu wel of geen blad aan zit, zúlke windkrachten krijgen àlles om. Een hele ravage, ook via de link die je erbij had.
    Gelukkig heeft het niet al teveel levens gekost omdat de meeste gebouwen degelijk van steen zijn. Hier in de USA met de mobile homes (soort woonwagens) is de schade altijd veel groter. Dat risiko neem je eigenlijk zelf al maar goed, het is vreselijk als het gebeurt!

  8. we hebben een beetje van hetzelfde gehad maar niet te veel schade, tenminste in onze buurt.
    zelfs in deze wrede omstandigheden moet het toch leuk geweest zijn om met de professionele fotografen aan de slag te zijn geweest ..

  9. Scenes on the news were quite dramatic.

  10. Het was zeker niet normaal, ik heb net op tijd kunnen opstijgen voor de zwaarste wind oprukte. Om 7:15 maandag ochtend vertrokken van uit Schiphol.


  11. we have also few big branches lying in our street...poor lady; glad its over now!

  12. We lost many trees here in the SE of England but much worse was the death of five people. All is calm now as if nothing happened,