woensdag 27 november 2013

Festive lights

The festive season has started and the big buildings in the city center of Amsterdam have put on the lights. The department store the "Beehive" seems to double the amount of Led enlightenment every year.

There is even a Christmas market. 

A shopping centre in the former Postoffice.

The shopping Kalverstreet.

But the most beautiful I think is the decoration firm Beekwilder with the flying birds and packages.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. When I see all these splendid lights and people shopping - flying birds and packages, it make me want to see something more than we have here in our small town. I have lights and decorated, but golly, not like this. one word - WOW :)

  2. ik ben het met je eens, ik denk dat de laatste foto de mooiste en meest originele verlichting toont

  3. I agree Marianne, the last shot with the birds is fabulous, very different. There's no getting away from it..Christmas is coming :)

  4. Het lijkt elk jaar wel mooier. Je foto's geven een prachtig beeld.

  5. Your city really dresses up for the Christmas season. It's very eye catching.

  6. Dearest Marianne,
    Love the lights of the Bijenkorf and former Post office! Looks like thousand and one night fairy tales!

  7. ooh, pretty! havent seen most of it yet...

  8. mooie Amsterdamse verlichting heb je kunnen vastleggen. Groetjes dietmut