maandag 3 februari 2014

A knitted dress

This is me at five or six years old. The reason I place this photo is because of  fellowblogger "De tante van Tjorven"  had put a photo of herself as a child  in a blue knitted dress and asked if anyone else had worn knitted clothes in their youth. I remembered this picture of me at nursery school with my blue knitted dress with all kind of colored stripes in the top. I was very fond of this dress that my parents had bought for me and when the professional photographer came to school to make pictures, I wanted to put on my most beautifull dress. I can remember the photographer arranged this setting by putting me behind an easel to paint a picture, which I didn't do, so he helped a little bit by painting some, in my opinion "stupid" flowers. I only then held the brush on the paper and made no move, so this "piece of art" is not mine.
My mother knit a copy of this dress for my doll as a surprise for my birthday which made me very happy.
I kept the doll's dress a long time and had handed it over to my daughter for her doll, but can't find it anymore at my messy attic.

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  1. what a story!!
    and what a cute photo!

  2. Mothers certainly do many kind things to please their children; your dress looks like it required lots of work and time. I had forgotten about these dresses!

  3. This is just a lovely story and I loved it when your Mom surprised you with a copy of your blue knitted dress for your doll - that's so thoughtful. My knitted dress was yellow and if I can find a copy I shall send one to you - now I just have to remember to do that. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Love everything about this post Marianne.. You look so serious in this portrait :)

  5. You tell a great story with your photo. I like these photos as it shows a style of a different time. Notice, I didn't say older time!

  6. Looks like a photo of a child actress! Hopefully you will find that little dress made with so much love.

  7. I could tell this was a professionally done photo right away with a child model for some advertising or whatever. But to read the story and learn it is you is even more meaningful. This is something I hope you have proudly displayed in your home for all to see.

  8. Dearest Marianne,
    What a lovely follow-up to Willy's question who else wore a knitted dress. No, I had no dress knitted but sweaters and cardigans; yes.
    Your photo is so cute and I love the 'en profile' photograph taken of you at that age. Very unique I would say as most are just from the entire face.
    You are too honest for telling the truth about those flowers but by now I've gotten to know you as a very frank, intelligent writer (speaker) with a good sense of humor. My Mom made me wear those huge hair bows too; white ones that got ironed around the polished pipe of the stove (hete kachelpijp).
    That is quite some history; times have changed.

    PS How precious that your Mom did knit a mini replica of your favorite dress for your doll. It might still be too cold to stay on the attic for a long time but you have no excuse for NOT finding that! One more photo...

  9. Een hele leuke foto en verhaal bij deze mooie gebreide jurk. Wie weet komt je poppenjurkje nog tevoorschijn.

  10. Although we grew up in different countries, I had a knit dress, too! I'll have to see if I can find a photo of it. Mine was turquoise blue and I think it had some white angora knit into it.