maandag 10 maart 2014

Broken records

With the unusual warm weather we have at the moment all weather records are broken. It has never been 18.6 C (65 F) degrees before in the Netherlands at this time of the year. Our last winter has broken records as well, actually we didn't have a winter at all. When the Dutch see sun outside everybody wants to enjoy it and goes outside. The first boat-parades in Amsterdam have started already.

Some were not yet prepared to sail and had to check the engine first.
And me, I got my garden chair from the attic and enjoyed the sun in the backyard reading a book.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldige voorjaarsfoto's! Het was en is nog steeds heerlijk weer. Net nog koffie buiten gedronken en straks de lunch ook. We genieten er maar van, want stel dat er toch nog een winter achteraan komt. Fijne zonnige week,

  2. Boats and books sound like two ways to enjoy the fun. What book are you reading?

    1. I read a book about a Dutch girl participating in a horse race in Mongolia.

  3. I would be doing the same, sitting in a chair with a book and enjoying the sun and fresh air. And maybe even watching the boat parade!

  4. Weather records have been broken all around the world this year.

  5. Helemaal geen verkeerde bezigheid op zo'n heerlijk zonnige dag :)

  6. The weather is topsy turvy everywhere but one advantage is to be able to sit in the sunshine enjoying a good book.

  7. I really love your canals. Beautiful.
    We have also had a very unusual winter in Finland. But "..only little bit of snow.." has been wonderful.

  8. Mooie foto,s van een zonnig Amsterdam
    heerlijk op het water
    maar ook met een boek in je tuin
    het blijft genieten......
    Lieve groetjes Chriistiene.

  9. Broken records around the world I suspect

  10. I hope it's our turn for a mild winter next year. Or maybe I should move to Holland.

  11. nice!
    around here many people started to clean their houses.. not something i want to do now the weather is finally nice...