donderdag 22 mei 2014

The writing desk

 In the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar my attention was drawn by this writing desk made in 1924 by Erich Dieckmann. Somewhere in my mind did a bell ring, I had seen this before, it looked so familiar.

Well I have a similar one in my own house! I inherited the writing desk of my father. When my sister and I had to tidy up a house with two floors and an attic after my mother died, I decided to take the desk home.
I had good memories my father sitting there to prepare his work as a teacher and I liked to have a real wooden desk instead of a modern Ikea one. My parents were married in 1939 and always had rather modern furniture in their home, so I think they liked the sleep shape of the desk.

The same details at the sides.

This is me with my father in 1948. I realise now that today May 22 was his birthday and as he was born in 1914 it is exactly100 years ago!

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  1. what a nice story!
    in the last picture you both look very serious... :D

  2. A special day made more special by the memories of your father and the photo of your wonderful desk!

  3. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely story with great memories. Happy Centennial on you dear Dad's birth day today.
    It indeed is a very sleek desk for its time!
    Good for you to keep this great desk at your home together with all the memories.
    Hugs to you,

  4. How wonderful to have your father's desk. Thank you for sharing the photograph too. It's beautiful!

  5. The details of both desks are so similar. Have you ever looked to see on the back or underneath who made your desk? It could be the same designer and you have a museum piece there worth $$$!

  6. So nice that you have this momento and memories of your Dad Marianne, lovely post.

  7. The desk is beautiful!
    A good writing desk is a must for contemplation.
    I use a drafting table (not vintage) for this purpose as it has a large surface and it fits my bill.
    I also try to keep the computer away from my writing desk.
    I simply want to doodle or write, using traditional writing tools, such as ink pens and pencils, while I sit down to contemplate/write.

    Enjoy your desk for years to come!

    Peace :)

  8. The desk is a treasure. It brings good memories of your Dad. I was a teacher and prepared my stuff on the kitchen table! My Mom was born May 20 1914 so she would have been 100 two days ago. The birthdays are a good time to remember.

  9. That desk must hold such memories and I like the idea of it being used by different generations.

  10. Table is so big to hold many things as it's memories!

  11. A memory calls an other one: I love this story and this post very much!

  12. Really great post. How nice to have your father's desk. You had a very handsome father and you were a cutie! Janey