donderdag 31 juli 2014

Ireland, day 2

We drive north along the Antrim coast to Larne and Ballygalley.

Ballygalley is a small village.

With a Ferris wheel next to the cemetery.

A coffeestop in Carnlough with a pretty harbour.

And then we arrive at the "Giant's Causeway, where we have to walk a path along the coast.

A luching path brings us closer

to these regularly shaped basalt blocks organized by nature. There must be 40.000 of these blocks from the cliffs until far into the sea. There are several theories about the origin of the blocks from legends about a giant  flinging the blocks from a cliff to vulcanic activities.

It is a big touristic attraction so it was impossible to make a photo without people climbing and walking.

Driving further along the Antrim coast we saw these fairylike ruines of a castle.

We arrived in Londonderry another city in Northern Ireland with an unpleasant atmosphere. A history of hate and fight between Catholics and Protestants has devided the city in two halves.This city was also packed with awful militant murals. I don't understand these religious fanatics who seem to be all over the world today.

I was glad we left Londonderry for this view.

And this stone walled fort "Grianan Ailligh"  probably built sometime around the birth of Christ and located on a hilltop.

All made of  stacked stones.

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  1. Read up on the basalt blocks' volcanic origins. But I still like to think of them as having been a giant board game. :-)

  2. Wonderful variety in one day! Glad that you are able to document your trip with photos, esp because we get to share some of your experiences.

  3. I am most impressed with the basalt blocks - now I would love to see those and the stone wall is immense - WOW

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely photos from your day 2 trip! Your quote: 'I don't understand these religious fanatics who seem to be all over the world today.'
    Well, study history and it becomes obvious that they have been all over the world in the past as well!

  5. It's very sad that two religious denominations can have so much hatred. There's more than just religious differences though. Ireland is a very beautiful country.

  6. Love this. I am hoping the Ferris wheel next to the cemetery is temporary.

  7. You saved the most impressive sight for last. Amazing. One could say religion is the root of all evil but I won't.

  8. Wonderful photos abot your trip.
    Thanks for sharing. Ireland look very interesting.

  9. Ongelooflijk dat zo'n fort er nog altijd zo staat. Mooie serie foto's!

  10. So much incredible history there. The Giant's Causeway is something I've heard of for years, and I'd love to see it for myself. You capture it so well.

  11. Such beautiful places and so well photographed.
    I am particularly fascinated by the basalt blocks.
    They are simply marvelous.

    Looking forward to more posts of Ireland :)

    Peace :)

  12. Nice collections of scenic beauty. The ferris wheel and cemetery is an eerie juxtaposition!

  13. Beautiful castle and I these basalt blocks are amazing

  14. Lots of beautiful scenery and history here. The rock formations are fascinating. Don't worry about people in a shot, they make the photo come alive and have interest in it. They also give perspective.