zaterdag 5 juli 2014

Maybe a bit idle but when I admired this piece of art in the Municipal Museum in the Hague I saw myself in the mirrors and had my camera with me.
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Tonight the World-Cup match between the Netherlands and Costa Rica. Keep our fingers crossed!

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  1. Leuk die reflectie en al die kleuren. Hier wod de wedstrijd om 800 uur smorgens op zondag uitgezonden Dus op tijd op morgen vroeg. Erg spannend

  2. Well, you're just likely to pop up almost anywhere b! :-)

  3. Looks like a photo of you as part of the display. How clever. Thinking how nice it would be to see the Netherlands win. Best of luck my friend. :)

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    No this is not vanity (ijdelheid) but a lovely photo! Such chances are unique enough for capturing on camera.
    Good luck with the Orange!

  5. Haha! I like it Marianne :)
    Good luck for the soccer..

  6. The depth in the artwork is quite nice. Nice catch!
    I wish all the entrants to the World Cup the best.
    Peace :)

  7. Colourful work!

    Every once in awhile we catch ourselves in a mirror or other reflection like that.

  8. I can see you, hello.
    Nice and colorful photo.
    Have a happy weekend

  9. Nice one. It looks like yo're looking thorough a window.

  10. I like it! You are part of the artwork. :-)