zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

Ireland, day 11

We drive through the Wicklow Mountains.

At the highest point the Wicklow Gap (470m) we decide that now the men of the group deserve a photo together with bus driver Tommy with his "Hurling"stick. Hurling is an old sport in Ireland with a stick,  the hurley, and very popular in Ireland. Tommy was a keen player in a team and was very proud of his stick he had with him.

He gave a little demonstration how to balance the bal.

Then up to Glendalough, the cloister ruines founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century and plundered by the Vikings several times. But more than 600 years it had a thriving existence and a very complete round tower.

This is St. Kevin's kitchen.

And also here is music.

Than we arrive in the city of Dublin and watch the famous "Book of Kells" in the Trinity College, a manuscript written close to the year 800 (see the link).

And we visit the Old Library dating from 1732  filled with 200.000 books.

My Library heart was beating and I would have loved to take one of those books in my hand.

We have a walk in Dublin with beautiful weather.

And spent a visit to St.Patricks's Cathedral.

In the evening we had diner with Irish dances.
For those who think when will this Irish stuff ever end, tomorrow the last post.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Every day you have made your trip just lovely to look at photos and read. I must go now and read about Hurling - it seems similar to the field hockey, or Lacrosse game we play over this way. Lots of fun n action. Have a nice day :)

  2. ha, I have been enjoying the photos from your vacation!!!
    You got to see such beautiful architecture. Those vaults are incredible!

  3. Wicklow Mountains. Here in California they would be known as Wicklow Hills. I am just fascinated the buildings they created using stone and rocks. I'm with you; I'd get all weak in the knees being in that library. You sure you don't have more pictures to show us after tomorrow?

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely post and so fittingly for your Blog's name: Biebkriebels or Library Jitters! I can only imagine how you had to contain yourself for not picking up books from those shelves...
    So your driver was a smart guy for bringing his Hurling stick; could be used for multi-tasking if needed!
    Great photos and the Irish dance evening sure was lovely. I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance in Orlando, FL in 1999 and also we had great dancers at Dublin Castle perform for us during the Mushroom Science Conference in 1991... You sure enjoyed this dinner.

  5. Spectacular shots, Marianne. Particularly at Trinity College. I've read of the place in however many novels and books, and I want to walk those halls and library all the more.

  6. Your photos are varied and wonderful! Would love that library! I hope that your driver walked softly while carrying that big stick!

  7. Wat bijzonder dat overal muziek gemaakt wordt. Het maakt alles direct vrolijk!

  8. Your Irish posts have been fascinating. You had an excellent trip. As soon as I saw the library, I was ready for a comment but you beat me to it.

  9. I bet you enjoyed the library very much. I would love to go there also.
    The inside of the St. Patrick cathedral is very nice.
    Can't wait to see what else you got on Ireland.
    Peace :)

  10. That first picture looks a bit like a painting. I know you were in your element in that library!

  11. Prachtige reis hebben jullie gehad. Ik geniet van al je blogjes. Leuk om via het bloggen kennis te maken met zo'n land. Wat een bijzondere bibliotheek, erg mooi. Bij de foto's van het Ierse dansen heb ik meteen een muziekje in mijn hoofd.