zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

Ireland, day 4

The day starts a bit misty and rainy and we drive from Castlebar to the peninsula Corraun and pass this bridge to  Achill Island.

The misty atmosphere is nice for photo's.

I hope I don't bore you with coastline photos but I like this so much.

Achill Island has no trees as the soil is composed of peat. You could see them stabbing the peat.

We make a stop at the Minaun Cliffs.

We leave the island and drive now through the county Connemara and arrive at Kylemore Abbey a neogothic castle built by a wealthy member of  Parlement Mitchell Henry.  After the death of his wife and daughter he sold the castle and since WWI it is in use as a Abbey for Benedict nuns from Belgium. The nuns had here for years a boardingschool for girls.

The interior looked rather frugal.

There was a little chapel on the estate.

There is a beautiful garden at the immense estate on a half hour walk from the abbey.

When enjoying a tea and cake on the terrace, I got company of this little one.

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  1. That little chapel doesn't look very small to me!

  2. I read a little of the early history of Kylemore. Interesting!

  3. Green and beautiful the garden and little bird!

    Happy weekend,

  4. I love every one of these images Marianne but in particular the coastal shots are so beautiful and of course your very sweet little friend in the last shot :)

  5. Oh my! That Kylemore shot is beautiful. I like the coastal shots too. janey

  6. Mooie foto's van de kust. Het klopt dat donker weer de beelden een bepaalde sfeer geeft, en het heeft zeker ook z'n charmes.

  7. Een bijzonder en mooi eiland. Kylemore Abbey valt ook op met z'n donkergrijze contouren. Leuk om zo met jullie mee te reizen. Ik ben natuurlijk wel benieuwd of het zonnetje ook nog ging schijnen.

  8. An amazing country from the looks of your photos. And who could get tired of coastlines?

  9. Your pictures will never bore me. You are showing me something I shall never see in person. "The interior looked rather frugal." Your dry humor is beginning to show :) I like that garden!

  10. Can you imagine going to boarding school here? I'll bet there are lots of stories to be told of living in and gong to school in a castle. We should write a story about it. Cute birdie.

  11. Those are gorgeous, brooding shots. That chapel really appeals to me!

  12. Reacties
    1. My roots must be in te peat too, my family name is Veen!

    2. Dearest Marianne,
      Interesting day 4 you had! Lovely and yes, peat is being imported from Ireland a lot. Interesting that you got to see the actual peat cutting.
      My maternal Grandfather used to do that too in The Netherlands; long time ago. You can read here about the bi-langual terms for 'turf steken' or peat cutting: Peat Harvesting in the Netherlands
      Don't know why this link did not show properly.
      Love the abbey with its simple elegance!
      For the mushroom industry peat is a very important ingredient. Most comes from Canada, Ireland and Russia...

  13. You show lots of great scenery and history .

  14. I am loving these photos! The ruins of old castles always get my imagination going, Who lived there?? What were they like??? Beautiful pictures.

  15. wow, amazing!!! the nature. but then also the castle and the garden. in scotland we only saw nature... this is a nice surprise!!

  16. Lovely photos . you sure are enjoying yourself.