zondag 9 november 2014

Autumn walk

It was a chilly but sunny day so we had a walk in the nearby Beginbos (Starterswood) in Almere.

The sheep were enjoying the sunshine.

And were curious to see us.

I spotted only one mushroom a comatus, it is strange there are not many mushrooms here. Maybe the weather has been to warm so far.

This magnificent tree stood out alone in a perfect shape.

It reminded me of  "the tree of life" in the movie "The Lovely Bones" by Peter Jackson in 2009, a supernatural drama film adaptation of the best-selling 2002 novel by Alice Sebold. I have seen the film three times and when you haven't I can recommend it.
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14 opmerkingen:

  1. Hadn't heard of the film. I'll look it up!

  2. I have seen the movie "The Lovely Bones" and also read the novel. In fact, I just recently watched the film again a few weeks ago. Marianne, anytime you want to go to the Movies, just give me a call, eh :)
    What a lovely walk and the colours , the sheep and the lovely tree. Now, that's a walk to feel good about. Have a lovely Sunday :)

  3. We used to go gather mushrooms called morrell in Idaho and they looked a lot like your mushroom. They were very tasty.

  4. Dearest Marianne,
    Lovely Coprinus Comatus or 'Inktzwam' in Dutch. Don't think it has been too warm in your area. We see lots of toadstools in our area and we still had like 31°C last week Monday and mid 20s this week. It is far more the other factors like humidity, often after a rainy period their fruitbodies suddenly show up. Their needs to be the right nutrition too; several factors play a role!
    Love your photos and how curious the sheep are.
    Hugs and happy Sunday evening.

  5. You have some nice photos from your pleasant walk.

  6. Everything looks better with the sun shine It always lifts my spirits. Pretty perfect tree!

  7. Very peaceful. I like the curiousity of the sheep.

  8. wow, tolle inspirationen!!! eine schöne woche wünscht angie aus deutschland

  9. Oh, the sheep seem to be a part of a landscape that offers peace and tranquility. We've had our first snowfall last night. So sorry to see the loss of all that beautiful fall color.

  10. Lovely autumn walking trip. You are able to see sheeps, too. Great.
    Nice photos. And I love the lonely tree.