woensdag 26 november 2014


The trees have now almost lost all their leaves at the cemetary in Almere Haven.

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  1. What a most beautiful photo. We have long lost our leaves and are expecting a terrific snow storm later today into tomorrow - snow, ice, rain, ice pellets and more snow. I am enjoying this lovely view of your cemetery.

  2. Still looks very autumnal, if for only a little while longer.

  3. That is how I like to see autumn leaves, in a park not in my yard - especially when they aren't even my trees. I've been battling them for weeks now. The war is almost over.

  4. Een storm en alle bomen zijn in een keer kaal. De foto straalt veel rust uit. Mooi.

  5. Hey , you guys still have some green leaves on your trees! That's not fair!

  6. Dearest Marianne,
    That is a lovely autumn view; apart from being it at the cemetery of course.
    You sure got lots of leaves left on the trees. We lost our pretty yellow so fast, within a week all was down, due to unexpected frost and a plunge in temperatures from tropical on Monday and frost on Friday. That is fatal for any leaves! Again a deep frost, some strong wind advisory (weather warning) and thunderstorms took care of the rest over the past week.
    It always amazes me how green the grass remains in The Netherlands; even during winter time! Ours is turning brown; dead until spring comes around. That makes things so dreary looking.

    1. Yes I read about the bad weather in your country, here it seems the winter never comes so nature adapts to it and it took a long time before the leaves were falling and it has still not ended.

  7. That is a beautiful carpet of leaves. Our autumn images are merely a memory!

  8. Dat ziet er herfstig uit maar beter dan bij ons wij hebben net een enorme hagelbui gehad alles is wit