dinsdag 30 december 2014

A walk in the park

After all the threatening warnings for snowfall last saturday, this is what we had last sunday. A bright frosty sunny day ready for a walk in the nearby Kromslootpark in Almere Haven.

There was some ice in the puddle.

But no ice in the pond.

So the swans could peddle around in the icy water.

We met some strange creatures with very long legs.

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  1. Enjoy winter outdoors and Happy New Year from the South of Spain


  2. Beautiful photos. It looks so much like spring weather.

  3. Beautiful Swan, your park looks much like ours too - NO SNOW?? Usually we are 3-4 foot deep with snow now and lots of ice.....but there is none. Nice long shadows in the winter sun eh. Days will start to get a bit longer now - beautiful. I have been feeding the birds and squirrels down by the river. I found some great winter food and attach it to the trees and just replace it when it is gone - its like a block of food and they seem to love it. Thank you for all the lovely photos and knowledgeable posts you have given us this past year. :)

  4. Pretty scenes and I love the beautiful swan. Great shadow shot! I wish you all the best in 2015.. Happy New Year!

  5. A fun post. Those weathermen never seem to get it right! The swan is lovely, one of my very favorite birds.

  6. Oh my! Those are scary creatures! Lovely place to walk though.

  7. I really like that swan photo with the rings encircling it.

  8. The swan looks quite content. Beautiful shots!

  9. Ja wat een paniekerig gedoe was het.. Maar ja. Mooi zonnig was het ook bij jullie.

  10. The last photo shows some very green grass! What are the Dutch doing for skating if the canals aren't freezing!

    1. They have to wait,sometimes for years to be able to skate on a canal. We have a few skating rings in the country but not enough.

  11. ah, en ohja! geen aardbeving gevoeld! maar dat komt wellicht ook omdat we hier op een woonboot zitten, die beweegt sowieso al.... :)

  12. Dearest Marianne,
    Oh my, you have a good sense of humor! Love those long-legged creatures in the end; hope they grabbed a warm cup of coffee or tea for warming their hands!
    Lovely photos and amazingly green during winter.
    Hugs and happy New Year's Eve.

  13. Nice walking trip.
    I love your shadows. I can find your sun is a little bit higher than ours (yes, we have our own sun.. hi)
    Happy new year 2015.