donderdag 16 april 2015

Alexander, Napoleon and Josephine

I visited a very nice exhibition in the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam about Tsar Alexander of Russia, Napoleon and Josephine. Three great names on the European stage around 1800. The conflict between Tsar Alexander I and Napoleon Bonaparte and their friendship, determined the fate of millions of Europeans. A fascinating role was played by Josephine de Beauharnais, a highly intelligent woman, Napoleon's great love, the Empress at his side and later a close friend of Alexander.

No photographing was allowed at the exhibition so I only have these at the entrance. But the uniforms of the army of Napoleon, his banners, the art collection Josephine assembled in her Chateau de Malmaison and many  personal objects were very interesting to see.

Here a picture of Alexander at the left and Napoleon saying farewell in Tilsit in 1807.
Have a look at the website of the Hermitage for more history about the three here.

And a picture of Josephine.

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  1. I am sure that must have been an interesting exhibition. Such important characters in our history.

  2. Shame you can't take photos. That is often the case in art museums in the UK. This is not a period of history I know much about. But I did see a death mask of Napoleon in the british museum recently.

  3. Sounds wonderful So sad when some exhibits don't allow photography but makes you more interested to see for yourself. Lucky you to see this one!!

  4. I'm fascinated by the fellow who appears to be leaning into his oar to keep the boat from crashing against the stone while the dainties are bidding each other farewell. :-)

  5. I visited the Hermitage many years ago. The artwork there is incredible.

  6. Dearest Marianne,
    That for sure was a very interesting exhibition! One has to look more closely at those uniforms... what a different era.
    Thanks for sharing with us and happy weekend.

  7. A very fine museum, one which I would like to visit.

  8. Iwould have liked to see this exhibition, so interesting !
    I liked this museum very much when I visited Amsterdam .

  9. A wonderful museum and great exhibit. Thank you for sharing.