zondag 27 september 2015

Canal House

It is always worth looking up. I hadn't noticed this tower at a canal house at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam before.

The building dates from 1890 by architect Ed. Cuypers and the facade is built in neo-renaissance style. It used to house the Amsterdam Milking Device.

The facade is richly decorated with a frieze.

Here a closer look, the image happens to be a milk bacchanal.
The facade however is the only thing that has left of the original building, behind this a modern office building has raised.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful building Marianne, glad they left the facade when building something modern behind it.
    Here in Perth I've seen a couple of old buildings (not as old as this one I think) where the facade was also left and something new popped up behind it.

  2. Beautiful building. That top balcony is simply amazing!

  3. What a wonderful building. The engravings are marvellous.

  4. Everything about this building is remarkably unique and beautiful.

  5. Really gorgeous!
    I must say this building has managed to remain in such great shape. The bricks and detail seem to be in wonderful condition.

  6. Beautiful ! The facade is very attractive compared to modern buildings.

  7. Yes, you are right, it does pay to look up, and look what lovely architectural details you discovered by doing so. The little tower is lovely and the frieze charming

  8. Dearest Marianne,
    What a very unusual tower and the frieze is exceptional. Love those cherub type of characters.
    Hugs and happy new week.

  9. Pleased to see that the frontage has been preserved. That tower would make a wonderful studio or reading room as I imagine it is very light and has wonderful views.