dinsdag 1 september 2015

Culture Market (2)

I continue with the Culture Market I posted on sunday and show you some more pictures.

Every museum or theatre tried to attract attention with some striking items.

Posing as the "Dutch from the Golden seventheenth Age" to promote the Hermitage museum. The poor guy with the collar had a hard day with the heat.

And these boys posing as the "Dutch from the twenty-first Age" promoting their Fringe theatre.

There was music.

And when you got tired  you could enjoy the sun on the grass.
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13 opmerkingen:

  1. All those clothes! Must have been a cooler age.

  2. Theatre definitely is theatre. The Dutch Boys look like they are having a very good time!

  3. What a fun time...and the Fringe theater wins the prize!

  4. Perfect day for the cultural market Marianne, a few very curious things to see :)

  5. I love these type of markets, love the photos of the "old dutch" and the "fringe men dressed as women"

  6. It's really great that culture is celebrated.

  7. I like all the costumes, especially the ones in the third picture!