dinsdag 3 november 2015

Our ruine

This ruine in Almere we are looking at for 13 years already. In 2000 there were plans to built here a castle with a restaurant and a weddinglocation with a big parc around. The design is a copy from a castle in Belgium and the stones were also imported from Belgium. 

When the castle was halfway in 2002, the owner went bankrupt and everything came to a standstill. For thirteen years we could see the half built castle declining slowly into a real ruine and everybody wondered if it ever would be demoslished.

But surprise, surprise,  this weekend the gates to the castle were opened and people were allowed to watch the ruine. A new owner has bought the castle and will make here a themepark "WitchWorld" with the castle and a weddinglocation aswell. It was the talk of the town here and 15.000 inhabitants! of Almere made a visit to have a close look at last.

You could have a short look inside, only just the courtyard,  but had to stand in line for one hour and a half! Well I hate lines and I could see from here there was nothing interesting to see, so I turned around.

It was fun to see how patient everyone was to wait so long for a visit but the weather was great so nobody did mind.

Nature in the parc around had grown in all this years, so on our way out we passed a very nice autumn alley.

The stones of the castle are still stored in the garden.

A last view at the ruine, I hope to show you in four years a real castle.
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13 opmerkingen:

  1. Um belo edifício a precisar de ser recuperado.
    excelentes fotografias.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  2. I know the neighbors will be happy to see it finished. I look forward to it's completion!

  3. It's interesting to see how the turrets and roof are being constructed. So many people! I guess it's because it's not often one has a chance to see a castle being built!

  4. That is quite a crowd of people waiting to see the castle. It is wonderful that someone has taken interest in it; hope that it enjoys much success in the future.

  5. Quite a crowd eager to see the castle. Everyone must be so happy that the castle will finally be turned into something useful.

  6. You and me both. I detest standing in line and avoid doing so by all means. Rarely is anything so important anyway. You'll have to make yearly returns to document progress for us.

  7. That's sort of a modern day ruin. I can see why someone would go bankrupt as it's a very ambitious project.

  8. Very interesting. It's a long time to wait for ready - 13 years. Hope now is much money.
    This castle looks lovely. You have to report it once in a while.

  9. Ik had er iets van op het nieuws gezien, en vooral de vele belangstellenden!

  10. I suspect he isn't the first one to go broke trying to build one of these. Probably were a few in medieval times as well. :-)

  11. Dearest Marianne,
    Well, one can also say that this huge castle almost ruined the one who initiated it. And indeed, the half completed structure became a real ruin where the tooth of time would do its work.
    So glad that someone has decided to do something about it and complete it at last. Hope the end result will be pleasing to all.

  12. Oh my gosh Marianne, There's no way I'd have waited in that queue either but I'm very interested to see the progress of this huge enterprise.