zondag 27 december 2015

Amsterdam Light Festival (2)

This artpiece, made of grog or chamotte clay is named "Patience" and represents the invisible bond that is called friendship. The dog is hesitating to enter the tunnel and has to trust his boss to reach him. It is made by dutch artist Marcello Pieter Stokhof.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks so nice all lit up in the dark.

  2. What an interesting piece of sculpture, Marianne. Hope your holiday has been good.

  3. The light makes this piece different and interesting.

  4. Having a dog visit me over the holidays, I can totally appreciate this. :-)

  5. Excelente toma.
    Te deseo unas Felices Fiestas, en compañía de tus seres queridos.
    Un cordial saludo.

  6. Dearest Marianne,
    It is a very good subject and nice work for demonstrating that bond of friendship and trust between a human and a dog!
    Thought that my FeedBurner problem was solved but when I posted new today, it again did not show... So aggravating!

  7. I really love this light art. Its so fun.