woensdag 23 december 2015

Santa Claus

In 2011 I visited Rovaniemi the hometown of Santa Claus in Finnish Lapland. It was in the summer with a temperature of 26 degrees C (78.8 F)!

You could have a meeting with Santa Claus which I didn't, I am not a believer, but for children it must be quite an experience. Santa has even a website , you can watch "here"

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  1. Lindo e a minha amiga ficou muito bem na fotografia.
    Um abraço e BOAS FESTAS.

  2. I will have to check out the Finnish Santa's website. Here in Canada we think Santa is Canadian and lives at the North Pole. ;)

  3. We're at 16C already early this afternoon.

  4. How nice post. Thanks for you telling Santa's home place.
    You have visited in Finland, great. But think, I've never been in Korvatunturi in Santa's home. It's so long trip from South-Finland. But good luck he will visit here.. :)
    I've told some in my comments that Santa lives in Finland… heh. Sometimes Swedish people have try to take him (as also Sauna), but it doesn't success :)

  5. Ik heb een bijna identieke foto als deze van een aantal jaar geleden, waarbij ik op dezelfde plek sta :)
    Ja je kunt er niet omheen als je in Rovaniemi bent, maar het is best wel heel erg TE commercieel..

    1. Ha,ha grappig, ik zie nu dat verschillende landen Santa Claus claimen van Zweden tot Alaska. Iedereen pikt een graantje mee :)

  6. I bet Santa will be glad when the 26th of December rolls around.
    Coffee is on

  7. Well, I like the Arctic circle girl. Crossing the Arctic circle is a big tourist thing but when you live north of the Arctic circle it's no big deal.

  8. Dearest Marianne,
    Glad your were there during summer time! LOVE that photo of you.
    Yes, indeed that claim is mainly for commercial benefits.
    Loved the website and the video. Lovely Northern Light.