donderdag 10 maart 2016


The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has a beautiful exhibition about fashion, named "Catwalk" dedicated to fashion of the Dutch from 1625 to 1960.

The exhibition is designed by Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf and he made a fantastic moving catwalk with seats aside where you can watch the dresses slowly passing by.

Look at this wedding dress.

The uncomfortable dresses with addings behind and aside, how to sit in these?

Because of the vulnerability of the old fabrics there was not much light to photograph.

The masterpiece was this weddingdress "Manteau" from 1759 worn by  22 year old Helena Slicher. The dress is more then 2 meters wide and has beautiful embroidery.

I couldn't resist....

Look for more at the website "here"

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Roupas lindíssimas.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  2. Prachtige tentoonstelling. De jurk staat je goed ;)

  3. You do wonder how anyone could get around in some of those old dresses. What a contrast in fashions!

  4. Last photo is a keeper. I can see the big smile regarding this dress.

  5. Well don't you look lovely!
    I like the idea of sitting in a chair while the exhibit goes slowly by. The dresses with the bustles on the back and the, um, I don't know what to call them when they are on the sides! are very intriguing. Just glad I've never had to wear them.

  6. Wat een prachtige stoffen. Een bijzondere expositie!
    Met 'jouw' jurk is het wel lastig reizen in de bus ;)

  7. All of the dresses are simply exquisite! I love the wedding dress in the third picture and that last wedding dress is amazing. I just wonder how they managed to go to the bathroom in those dresses, but I guess they had servants to help. The last picture of you is so cute!

  8. What a brilliant idea to show the dresses on a runway, that way you don't miss any! The last dress is amazing Marianne, just imagine how many pastries you could eat and get away with in this :)

  9. The last shot is awesome :-) The Rijksmuseum and the Can Gogh Museum are by far my favorites from my trips across the pond. . This is a fabulous exhibition, and I loved seeing all the different styles of dresses. Loved the title of the exhibition...Catwalk. The dresses in the second shot look to me to be the most comfy. All those tight waists and goofy skirts of years of old would have killed me.