zondag 29 mei 2016

Press Museum

In the "Press Museum" in Amsterdam I saw this old card catalog used by editorials of papers and magazines. They call it now the old "Wikipedia". I have always liked reading papers and magazines and even worked for seven years for a women's magazine, so I liked this exhibiton very much.

Who doesn't remember.

A newspaper headline "Mom, this is the one" from 1999. Our Crownprince Willem Alexander had secret meetings with an unkown girl in New York. He was spotted by a dutch journalist who took these photo's. You can see our current Queen Maxima roller skating in NY and the prince is the one in the blue shirt at the right, trying to act he doesn't know her. 
After much political troubles about her father who had been part of the totalitarian regime in Argentina  they got finally married in 2002 without the presence of her parents.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Just shows you even way back then noone could escape the paparazzi Marianne :)

  2. Ik heb ook typen geleerd op een echte typemachine, al wel een electrische trouwens. Interessant museum lijkt me.

  3. That typewriter's quite a sight. Interesting to see the newspaper.

  4. I still remember searching the HUGE card catalog at the Library of Congress here in D.C. before everything went digital.

  5. What an interesting exhibition.

  6. Whenever I look at an old typewriter I can hardly believe what was produced. People had to be skillful. No cut and paste with that machine.

  7. I remember learning the Dewey Decimal in grade school
    Coffee is on

  8. Lovely old things, who really was in use. And in due course does not even been able to imagine anything else.
    Soon there is a whole generation that does not understand any of these objects.
    I would love this museum ;)

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    Oh, I LOVE anything that's related to writing; I could have spend there hours myself! You are so lucky for being able to visit.
    Happy new week and hugs,