woensdag 1 juni 2016

Over the top

After climbing the stairs of yesterday's post you could walk over the top of the building and have a view over the city. Rotterdam has a very modern city centre with skyscrapers.

Here a view at the railwaystation. The banners are for the celebration of the city festivities of the 75 years of rebuilding the city.

You could walk around over the top of the building but unfortunately the weather was not co-operating very well.

A bit hazy view with the Erasmus bridge in the middle.

In the background you can see the cranes in the harbour.

Walking over the top of a building is a special experience, looking down into the atrium was a bit scary (for me).

The walk over the roof ended in a cafe.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Great views at the top. Sorry about the weather. A cafe at the end was smart thinking. Maybe they should serve shots of oxygen!

  2. Great views! It can always be a bit scary to admire the views from such heights!

  3. I always find it interesting how English is thrown in here and there. In the cafe "order here" and "bar". Why not in Dutch?

    1. Yes why, nobody knows, to please tourists? To be global, I think it is a pity to loose the dutch language.

  4. What a pity about the weather because those are incredible views.

  5. What marvelous 360-degree views! Nice reward for climbing all those stairs.

  6. De klim zeker waard! Beetje jammer van het weer, maar je bent er wel geweest :)

  7. Ah, Erasmus! I visited his burial site a couple of weeks ago.

  8. The Dutch have made Rotterdam into a spectacular city.

  9. Dearest Marianne,
    Wow, that was incredible to be at the top for great views. Too bad that indeed the weather did not cooperate... So I guess you have to climb those stairs again on a sunny day.
    Thanks for showing us!

  10. The incredible roof terrace. It would not believe that you are on the roof (fig 3).
    Really lovely views, and not to harm even if the weather is bad. Now, you were able to take photos from all sides, and not the sun disturbed.
    So lovely images !! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Belas fotografias, gostei de ver.
    Continuação de uma boa semana.