dinsdag 26 juli 2016

Tram ride (2)

We left the tram in a little town called Bovenkerk. Translated in english the name means Upper Church, well they sure had a huge church with tower as you can see.

With a pretty building next to it, probably the vicarage.

A cemetary at the back of the church.

And found a nice restaurant with terrace for lunch.

Back to the tram again that was waiting for us already. to have the retour ride to Amsterdam. We were a bit disappointed to see this one, although it is one from the seventies, it looks not so different from the current ones we have.

The interior.

The driver has a seat behind glass.

At a crosspoint we passed this oldie.

And another oldie, this one was the successor of the blue one we had on our way to Bovenkerk. I would have loved to ride this one...

We passed pretty houses with backyards and their own boat.

People patiently waiting for us to pass.

We saw this modern office building which  has a nickname "The Shoe".

And a very modern bridge. At the left you can see the tower of Olympic Stadium of the Olympics of 1928 that took place in Amsterdam. Hope you enjoyed the ride with us.
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16 opmerkingen:

  1. Um belo conjunto de fotografias, gostei bastante.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  2. Thought the Shoe looked like the front of a 747 landing. Nice tram ride

  3. Lovely photos Marianne. Love that "shoe building" quite interesting.

  4. I absolutely did enjoy the ride with you Marianne, what a fabulous trip. The old trams are gorgeous, the tram from the seventies is so retro :) Brilliant views as you traveled along, such diverse architecture.

  5. De combinatie "oud" en "nieuw" is altijd weer bijzonder om te zien. Leuk om zo met foto's met jullie mee te rijden!

  6. I would make it a point to ride each one of the different trams just to say I did.

  7. The church and vicarage, I think I prefer more to the Shoe!

  8. Ah, progress! An actual seat for the conductor. :-)

  9. Such an interesting place. Thanks for taking us along.

  10. I have enjoyed your ride. You show off a beautiful part of Holland.

  11. I enjoyed the tour with you. I expect the older tram would not have given you a comfortable ride but they do look more interesting.

  12. Thanks for taking us along! I like traveling in different types of ways. Your photos bring the trip alive.

  13. I will gladly choose the "oldies" over the "newbies" though I do like "the shoe". This is such an interest tour you took us on today. A wee bit of everything. Thanks so much. genie

  14. Thanks for the tram ride! I enjoyed all the scenes in your photos.