zondag 12 februari 2017

More Snow!

Two days with snow, the neighbour kids made quickly this cute snowman yesterday. You never know how long the snow will stay here.

 I made a little walk in the neighbourhood into the white world.

But this morning we woke up with more snow!

My poor potties in the garden. Temperatures will rise to above zero today so tomorrow it has all gone I think. Our winters don't last very long anymore.

18 opmerkingen:

  1. hier kregen we slechts wat kleine vlokjes te zien Marianne...
    en meer wordt er niet verspeld..
    wel leuke foto's ..
    prettige zondag

  2. Compared to my winter, I like your's better.

  3. Mooie winterse plaatjes! Hier is geen vlok gevallen..

  4. Snow does add beauty to the landscape, doesn't it. It doesn't take long to see Frosty reappear just a little snow and some children. Nice photos!

  5. I like his pipe, and your photos of a white world

  6. I would love to 'walk into the white world' Marianne ☺ Will your pots recover from the cold, or are they empty until spring?

  7. You need at least one snow each winter.

  8. A delightful sight to see! Kids certainly do enjoy making snowmen.

  9. That is so pretty! The bush looks like it has cotton balls on it.
    Thank you for the kind words on my blog. Janey

  10. What a pretty walk you had. You can enjoy it more knowing it will not be lasting for months!

  11. The snow is so pretty! Love the snowman and his top hat.

  12. Dearest Marianne,
    Oh my you really do have winter!
    Your last sentence made me laugh really hard!
    My poor potties in the garden... You don't mean that? Here port-a-potties are portable toilets.
    Wishing you a good new week and stay cozy indoors!

  13. Beautiful photos Marianne. Snow is such a novelty for me as I live in a sub tropical climate.

  14. Wel koud maar het ziet er altijd weer mooi uit

  15. You have even more snow than we have now..
    I'm glad you could make a snowman.
    So lovely photos.

    1. Heh, now I read that the snowman was neighbor kids' one. But anyway, it was nice you saw one.