zaterdag 22 april 2017


On the roof of an elevator and entrance to a bicycle storage I found these two creatures in front of the Public Library in Amsterdam.

From above I had a better view. On their back they have Solar cells. With that energy  their body and eyes lighten up in the evening when someone uses the bicycle storage to give them a warm welcome.

It is a design by Marjet Wessels Boer from 2012 and she named them "ODE's blozers".
ODE stands for" Oosterdokseiland" the place of the art. Blozers means "blushers"
It was the result of a contest issued by the municipality of Amsterdam to design an art project that provided itself with energy.

On internet I found a photo in the evening when they are blushing.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooi en origineel kunstwerk.

  2. Oh they are too cool Marianne, what a brilliant idea with the solar panels. I bet they are quite an attraction, I can just see everyone looking up, and then others looking up to see what they're looking at ��

  3. een mooi en origineel werk Marianne

    prettig weekend

  4. Very cool, what a wonderful idea.

  5. Your people continue to spend much on art and it is a very worthwhile investment.

  6. Vaude... they looks nice. Interesting place to put the art. Maybe many people doesn't see them, if they don't look up.

  7. Public art can be very creative as this is!