zondag 11 juni 2017


ARTZUID is a biennial event in the south part of Amsterdam with sculptures exposed in the open air. This year the theme is "The Style and Sculpture". This influential art-movement began a hundred years ago and visitors can see here how abstraction has continued in sculpture.
This little boy was very eager to have a closer look but his parents could prevent it.

I must admit I was not so impressed by the simplicity of this year's theme.

A weaving loom? Tomorrow I'll show you some more.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. The pillars standing intrigued me, M

  2. They are definitely a talking point Marianne, that's what it's all about ☺

  3. You really have lovely art there.
    The little boy want willingly to go to play with sand (it's a huge "sandbox" :)
    The A weaving loom is great.

  4. De lichaamstaal van dat jongetje is duidelijk! Leuke foto.

  5. Conversation art maybe. Discuss your thoughts with others :)
    I think the boy wants to interact with the slide like art piece. The crumbled metal pieces make me think of paper bags.

  6. An interesting exhibit. I like the red one.

  7. Sometimes themes can be a big challenge for the artist. I like what they did.