zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Old Amsterdam

The entrance to the "Oudemanhuispoort" (old men home gate), a building complex in Amsterdam between Spui and Waterloo square dating from 1601. It is one of the main locations of the University of Amsterdam. Originally is was used as a retirement home.

The shops in the gallery were already taken in use by dealers in gold, silver, books, galenties and other things in 1757. They were part of the retirement home for old men and women which rented out the eighteen present cabinets to these merchants.

Since 1879 it is in use as a daily book market.

Where  hubby found a photobook for only 3 euros.

A look at the canal through the gate.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. It makes me kind of sad to see English on a sign in Amsterdam. It's like traveling to Africa and seeing a Burger King. :-)

    But, makes things convenient for me. Can't argue with that!

    1. Yes I agree wit you, the dutch language is often changed in english all for the tourists. English is also spoken at colleges in university, to attract foreign students.

  2. I love book markets, so good bargains.
    Have a great weekend Marianne.

  3. I love your photos. I never dare to walk through Oudemanhuispoort, It is impossible to not buy anything, and I really do not need to buy more books.

  4. That is old. It's interesting that they had a home especially for old men that long ago. I would enjoy shopping books there -- too much!

  5. A great place to browse. I would enjoy looking at those books. Sometimes you can find a special one. A wonderful location in the old buidling.

  6. How I would love to spend hours there

  7. I am sure it would be easy to spend hours there browsing through all those books.

  8. Met a fellow just a few hours ago who had just returned from Amsterdam where he visited the main art gallery. He had a lot of fine things to say about the exhibits there.

  9. These buildings must have been well built to last this long.

  10. I love your photos. I never dare to walk through Oudemanhuispoort,