zaterdag 26 mei 2018


How big can you make an advertisement. At least it gives me a reflection.

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  1. En voor de adverteerder is te hopen dat mensen het nu maar gaan kopen!

  2. A nice reflection!
    Nivea has been around forever and I am realizing it is the best moisturizer. My mother has been using it for decades. Her skin is very smooth and almost wrinkle free. She is in her 80s.

    The other day a friend of mine who plays cards at a club mentioned that one of the card players, a gentleman in his late 70s, has a beautiful skin and she complimented him ... He said he uses Nivea. Well, well.... Nivea it is for me from now on!! : ))

    1. It is an old name indeed. When we were young I remember the name from my childhood.we used it when our skin felt a bit raw, my mother put some Nivea on it. I didn't know it still excists.

  3. You can't miss that advert for sure and a nice reflection too. I also remember Nivea from my childhood.

  4. That's pretty darn big! That looks like a great spot to get reflections.

  5. My skin sure don't look like that, although it not bad.
    Coffee is on

  6. Gosh Nivea has been around foreeeeeever! 😀