vrijdag 3 augustus 2018


At the new underground station in Amsterdam you can park your bike in the bike racks that are decorated with these silver wheels. Temps are still rising, it is now 28 C (82.4 F) at 12 noon.
No rains coming in the prediction, we only had one rain shower a week ago. Nature is suffering and so are we, at least we still have enough drinking water.
Linking to "Skywatch Friday"

17 opmerkingen:

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  2. People will know where they can park their bikes when they see the silver wheels. They look nice and really stand out.

  3. The bike racks are of an appropriate design and look great. Yesterday we enjoyed a cool day here in St Paul but it is predicted to be a scorcher, too. Better than ice or snow, though!

  4. The bike rack decorations are very cool Marianne. I really wish I could send you some rain we have far too much at the moment, but then we will be the opposite when your winter and my summer arrives ✨

  5. That looks great! It is hot & dry here too.

  6. What great looking bike racks. Lots of heat and no rain here either. We had a storm last night with wind and lightening. but no rain. Just hot air blowing.

  7. Very cool bike racks, and they certainly get a lot of use! Just curious, do most homes in Amsterdam have air conditioning?

    1. No nobody has airco here, we almost never have hot summers here, mostly lots of rain...

  8. We are also very dry here. I would like it to cool off and rain.

  9. Sure hope that it cools off for you soon. Nice bike rack.

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