donderdag 8 november 2018

Autumn colours.

With a sudden return of summerly temperatures of 20 C (68 F) we made a bicycle tour around Almere Haven. The trees in the Kromslootpark had beautiful autumn colours.

Here you can see what the long hot dry summer has caused, these grasses are yellow.

A now empty stork's nest.

I caught SC in a funny "halo"light.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Autumn is my most favourite season of the year.

  2. Isn't it funny Marianne, you say 20C is a return to summer, it was the same here today and we were thinking how cool it was ☺ S.c. looks like an angel with his halo 😉

  3. Hello Marianne!
    Wonderful pictures and beautiful Autumn scenery from your bicycle ride!
    Autumn is the best season visiting the Netherlands! Enjoy your afternoon!

  4. What a great place for a bike ride and to see the fall colors.

  5. A lovely place to ride among all the fall colours.

  6. There can't be many days like that left.

    Here it's a mix of sun and clouds today, but seasonal temperatures.

  7. Beautiful day for a ride. Love that last shot!

  8. Good you take advantage of some nice fall weather.

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