woensdag 19 december 2018

From Rotterdam to New York

A sign with the text  "Landmover's square" at the harbour in Rotterdam.
In 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers left (fled) from Delfshaven to America. After that, an even lager group of emigrants and fortune seekers traveled to New York in America via Rotterdam from this place.

In 1873 the NASM ( Netherlands America Steam Company) was established which had already established a hotel called "Hotel New York".

In 1896 the Company was officially called "Holland-America Line".
 Until the turn of 1900 about   half  a million people were transferred to America.

On November 8,  1971 the last ship sailed from here to NewYork and the Company disappeard from Rotterdam and New York.
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  1. A very interesting bit of history. I just looked up the Hotel New York and it looks like a very nice hotel. The video on their website made it look very inviting.

  2. Hello Marianne!
    Great series of pictures!
    My daughter has visit the New York Hotel ,many times with her colleagues.
    Thank you for sharing all those interesting informations!
    Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  3. een begrip in Nederland ...Marianne

    ik heb er ook wel eens een logje over gepubliceerd

    knappe foto's

    fijne avond

  4. Zo is mijn opa ook ooit vertrokken met een schip naar New York, in 1921. Een interesante plek!

  5. Interesting history. It must have took a few weeks to get to New York. I wonder what the ships looked like.

  6. The trip overseas must have been long and rather unpleasant - though with modern ships, it could now be enjoyable!

  7. That's a bit of documentation of travel the america. Here we still get many Dutch immigrants. They come here to farm. I hear dutch spoken on the streets.

  8. You mention the half million people who went to New York in 1900. The two decades around 1900 saw the largest migration of people ever to happen in history from Europe to America. Interesting series of photos. The New York Hotel looks inviting.

  9. Sorry not to have been by recently. It looks like you have had snow and been to Rotterdam. That food hall is like nothing I have seen.

  10. De plek die ik zo goed ken en waaraan ik ook mijn persoonlijke herinneringen heb. Mooie foto's!