dinsdag 11 december 2018

Street life

Dutch photographer "Hans Eijkelboom" made series in the streets with a theme as here people in the green hunter's coat.

Or men with straw baskets.

Girls with an Abercombie and Fitch shopping bag.
Saw these at an exhibition at the Photography Museum in the Hague last year.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh I love these Marianne. This is street photography at its best. His work reminds me of the style of the late Bill Cunningham, the original New York street photographer.

  2. Nice exhibition Marianne. Strange that in winter everyone seems to wear a dark coat.

  3. Hello Marianne!
    Very interesting exhibition and beautiful street photography!
    Like the unique design shopping bag ! Thank you for sharing!
    Enjoy your afternoon!

  4. These are great. What a fun idea to photograph people with such similarities.

  5. een heerlijk voorbeeld van "street photography" Marianne

    fijne avond

  6. What a great series of photographs. I bet it was a nice exhibition to see.