dinsdag 21 mei 2019


With a lot of noise a Harley Davidson Motorbike club drove into our little village Almere Haven last Sunday.

They stopped at the harbour front.

And parked the motorbikes.

In long rows along the street.

In no time the complete harbour front was taken over by I think 70  parked Harley Davidson 
 motorbikes while the owners filled the terraces for a drink. It gave us a nice opportunity to have a close look at all the shining monsters, I will show you tomorrow.
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10 opmerkingen:

  1. It is a real sight to behold when one see's so many bikers.

  2. The motor bike crew sure make their presence known when they ride into town Marianne 😊

  3. I bet that made a lot of noise as they arrived and left. I saw a big group like this several years ago in one of our tourist spots. I thought it was interesting how they lined up those motorbikes so neatly.

  4. het blijft een iconisch merk Marianne

    prettige dag

  5. That's a lot of nice bikes. We have Sandra's Run motorcyle charity ride that comes through town every year and it is quite a scene to see them all ride in to town.