dinsdag 6 augustus 2019

Canal Parade, the public

The boats at the Canal Parade were very pretty but the people watching them as well. 
Packed together between the visitors along the canal I looked carefully around.

Amazing isn't it?

Many rainbow colours.

A free spirit.

Love was in the air?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Great people photos, each telling a little story!

  2. Love these shots Marianne, so lively and fun. Oh la that tattoo, that would have hurt 😱

  3. These are so wonderful. What a colorful group of people all enjoying the fun!

  4. een spectaculair gebeuren Marianne

    ik zag er wat van op TV


  5. I love all the colour and the people are having a great time. The tattoo is amazing and I can't imagine how long it took to create it.
    Fantastic images!