zondag 8 september 2019

Harbour days

Each year we have in september in our village Almere Haven the "Harbour days". On Saturday there is a big creative market where people can show there skills. I am each year impressed by what people can create. Look at this wooden fish, it is a puzzle you can built up yourself!

Looking so cute.

Watch that jacket in front, it s made out of wood!

Ceramic works.

Love this one!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. There is a lot of talent displayed here. I love that cat.

  2. A lot of interesting things to see. I like the fish puzzle.

  3. De gezichtsuitdrukking van die meneer op het schilderij is meesterlijk!

  4. So much talent Marianne, thank heavens for artists they make the world a much more interesting place 🌺

  5. Talent has no bounds and it's wonderful to see people from your community with such wonderful artistic creativity. I love the fish puzzle too and living in a fishing community that would be a hot item.

  6. I wonder who that kitty reminds you of....