zaterdag 2 november 2019

Amsterdam, City of Diamonds

A miniature of a diamond polishing factory from around 1840 in the Jewish Historical Museum. On the far right are polishers seated at the polishing wheels. Assistents place the gemstones in the holder. In the middle is a table at which cleavers and cutters are at work. On the left two dealers are using scale s to weigh the gemstones.

Amsterdam has a 300 years history of diamond history and this is a Tile Tableau of the famous Ascher family who workes for generations in this industry. 

The Cullinan in its raw state was found in South Africa in 1905, it was the largest an most precious gem -quality rough diamond ever found. It has been cleaved into smaller pieces and now are part of the Bristish Crown Juwels.

The Jewish Historical Museum has an interesting exhibition about the Amsterdam Diamond Industry.
See for more "here".

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  1. I have two diamonds from Amsterdam in my drawer Marianne, my husband brought them back years ago for me. One of these days I'll make them into earrings 😉

  2. Cidade onde se trabalha muito bem os diamantes, aproveito para desejar um bom mês de Novembro.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  3. The miniature diamond factory is interesting to see.

  4. Ik ben ook geweest, maar ik vond het niet zo'n fijne tentoonstelling. Slecht leesbaar.

  5. That's interesting. I was not aware of the Amsterdam diamond history.

  6. Bijzonder! Lijkt me een erg mooie expositie.

  7. I had forgotten about Amsterdam being the diamond centre. No doubt you have a few yourself.

  8. How would you have liked to be the one responsible for cutting that diamond. Whew! And with so much money on the line.