zondag 19 januari 2020

Trunk Show

The Museum of Bags in Amsterdam has a temporarily exhibition of trunks and suitcases that belong to a private collector.

They had ingenious ways to carry their belongings.

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    1. Ach joh plaats maar, jij hebt toch andere volgers , ik houd mijn mond wel :) Ben benieuwd wanneer we elkaar tegen het lijf lopen!

  2. Very interesting post. I would have enjoyed seeing how the privileged packed their luxury goods!

  3. This looks like a fascinating exhibit. Can you imagine trying to travel with all that stuff these days?

  4. Mensen reisden vroeger op een hele andere manier, als je ziet hoeveel ze meenamen. Interessant om te zien!

  5. Interesting exhibition. Never heard of a bag musuem but I'm sure there are some interesting stories about traveling.

  6. People used to travel so seriously and dress so well while doing it! But then we invented sweatpants. 😊

  7. Oh the two they could tell Marianne! I would have loved this exhibition 💙