zondag 16 februari 2020


A statue of "Andre Hazes" (1951-2004) who was a popular singer of the Dutch "levenslied" genre, popular music about everyday life sung in the Dutch language.

He was born in the Amsterdam "De Pijp"area where his statue is placed.
At the age of eight he was discovered singing at the Albert Cuyp Market, here just around the corner.
His further career you can read "here".

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I have not heard of him but I like the statue.

  2. Starting at such a young age it is clear some people find their passions early. This musical artist put a lot of heart into his songs. I can see why people wanted to honor him in this way!

  3. He looks quite a character Marianne.. what a super tribute!

  4. That is certainly a life-like statue!

  5. How nice. I’ll bet this brings back nice memories.